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Listing price

Your first decision is the price at which you’ll list your home for sale. This is called the “Listing Price” and is determined by looking at the prices of comparable homes (“comps”).

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The best comps are homes that are currently on the market or have sold within the last six months.

Look for homes with similar characteristics in similar neighborhoods. Start by looking at (1) square footage; (2) number of bedrooms; and (3) number of bathrooms.

Your neighborhood

Start by looking at other homes that are for sale in your neighborhood. Similar homes in your neighborhood are usually your biggest competition.

If there aren’t similar homes currently for sale, look back at what has sold in the last six months.

Listing price vs sales price

Homes almost always list for more than they sell, so you can expect the list price will be higher than the sales price.

Price reasonably for more offers

Most homes have trouble selling if they are priced too high. It’s usually best not to list your home for a price above comps in your neighborhood.

The lower the list price, the higher the chance that you will receive multiple offers and be able to choose the best offer for you.

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