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Sale Terms

Offer Price

This is the price a buyer offers to pay to purchase the seller’s home, usually in the form of a generic contract.

Seller Commission

This is the percent of your home’s value (usually 6%) a seller pays to a seller’s agent. If there is a buyer’s agent, the agents split the commission.

homezen Fee

Homezen charges a low flat fee ($499 - $699) instead of a percentage of your homes value. There are no other fees, you save big time!

Buyer Commission

Sellers pay for both the seller’s and the buyer’s agent. With homezen, you get to decide how much to offer a buyer’s agent. We recommend 2% - 2.5%.

Closing Costs

These are commonly bundled taxes and fees that buyers and sellers have to pay. Seller closing costs typically range from 0.25% - 1.5% of sales price. We recommend budgeting 1.5% to be safe.


This is the loan most homeowners take out to purchase their home. It’s paid off with the proceeds from your sale. The settlement attorney helps coordinate this process.

What You Take Home

This is the money that gets deposited in your bank account After you sell your home. Thanks to homezen, that number Just got a whole lot bigger!

Savings with homezen

This is the amount of money you saved by using homezen to sell your home. Nice job!

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Real Estate Commission

Sellers pay all of the traditional 6% in real estate commission for both the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent (the buyer's agent is free for the buyer).

Interestingly, if there is no buyer’s agent, the seller's agent keeps the full 6% commission, so the seller pays the full 6% commission anyway.

With homezen, you not only save the seller commission, you also get to choose how much to offer a buyer’s agent. We recommend 2% - 2.5%.